A Look Inside The Brush Strokes

Andrew French is a versatile artist known for his diverse range of creative expressions, from crafting custom painted surfboards to adorning restaurants with captivating murals.  French’s artistic journey is a vibrant tapestry that weaves through various mediums, showcasing his talent and passion for transforming spaces. French extends his artistic prowess past the typical canvas and […]
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The Time They Are A Changin’

Modifying Your Art With Time This post is pretty important as it touches a subject that all artist will have to deal with at some point or another. Unfortunately age, illness, accidents and environmental changes will most definitely affect your art in some fashion or another but it’s entirely up to you on how you […]
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Welcome to Daddy’s site, Andrew French Art

Dad or Andrew as you know him is probably the best artist I know, much better than anyone else I know. However most people refer to him as Diesels dad but who can blame them. Annapolis Maryland is a city that loves art but its love for Diesel is unmatched and lucky for them I […]
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