Welcome to Daddy’s site, Andrew French Art

Dad or Andrew as you know him is probably the best artist I know, much better than anyone else I know. However most people refer to him as Diesels dad but who can blame them. Annapolis Maryland is a city that loves art but its love for Diesel is unmatched and lucky for them I find time for my fans. I routinely take walks around my town to exercise Andrew and let my fans give me attention. They shower me with food and praise of course but they also acknowledge Andrew as well. It’s a great time for exercise, socializing and networking for Andrew and he shows his appreciation by grabbing me a drink at Rise Up before I take him home to his studio.
Andrew can be found most of the time in his studio or in front of his easel looking for my approval on his latest art piece. I can be a harsh art critic but I feel it only motivates Andrew to produce pieces he can be proud of and others will be amazed by! Andrew dabbles in all types of mediums from oil to acrylic, but I prefer his charcoal pieces personally.
So if you don’t mind showering him with some love instead of giving me all the attention, I would really appreciate it. Take a look around and find a piece you love enough to buy…. I am pretty high maintenance.

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